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The Handloom

Branding & Packaging Design, 2021

Meet the beloved The Handloom🤍 Since the day the brand was born in Los Angeles, it’s been all about sustainability and authenticity. Each of their garments is hand-loomed by local artisans in the remote villages of Turkey. We were inspired by their love for our planet and we created a natural yet elegant feeling for this brand.

We used sustainable materials and a natural color palette.We wanted to stay connected to the brand’s roots so we used a custom palm tree illustration for the submark logo, inspired by Los Angeles. We took the “H” from “Handloom” for the logo mark, added a little custom sun illustration (because you know there’s nothing like a California sunset!) to make it sexier.Everything came together beautifully and, for the final touch, a gold sticker was just what this brand needed to compliment the fact that, being this natural is a luxury.

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